Why the new website?
The old site was great for results and stats but over 50% of visits were from mobile devices like iPhones and tablets so we needed to redesign the site from the ground up to accommodate those users.
What's new?
Everything! If you are going to start afresh, why not do it properly? So we have looked at all areas of the site and the hundreds of messages of feedback we have received from users like you and tried to incorporate everyone’s’ ideas.
When can I use the new site?
From now on you can use the new site whenever you visit. As a few things have moved about and a one or two are not quite finished, we have left the old site switched on so you can still visit it if you wish. We are still asking for feedback on the new site, so it is still in test really, so please tell us what you think.
How much will it colst?
The site is still free, but a premium service is available for golfers wanting the SMS text service.
What about a HowDidiDoapp?
All the content from the HowDidiDo website is now available packaged in easy to download FREE apps from the App Store for Apple and Google Play for Android, head over there to get them now.
What 's next?
Please go and enjoy. Add friends to you profile to see alerts of their scores and handicap changes. Before you start we will ask you a couple of security questions and you’ll be ready to go in seconds.
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