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HowDidiDo® is brought to you by Club Systems International, the leading supplier of software solutions to UK and Irish Golf Clubs.

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HowDidiDo is the largest golfing network anywhere in the world. HowDidiDo holds in excess of 50 million rounds of golf along with the handicaps, results and scores of more than 1,200,000 UK golf club members, and around 2,000 golf clubs.

A growing number of more than 500,000 golfers currently use the HowDidiDo system free of charge to obtain the following: competition scores and results, handicap changes, the latest news from the golf world, golf tuition, and access to a number of HowDidiDo benefits such as free entry to the Titleist Order of Merit.

Europe’s largest golfing community

HowDidiDo is a free golf statistics database for any golfer that is a member of a Club Systems International supported golf club. The Club Systems International CLUBV1 / CLUB2000 scores and handicapping package has been installed in over 2000 clubs and allows those users wishing to publish their competitions and handicaps to HowDidiDo, to do so free of charge.

Throughout the golfing industry, HowDidiDo is heralded as one of the most technologically innovative, forward-thinking institutions in the game, as illustrated by the success of our latest offering - the brand-new HowDidiDo website and mobile application. Since its infancy over ten years ago, HowDidiDo has developed, grown and improved due to continual feedback from our loyal user base and continual innovation from our highly-qualified IT development team. The result? Becoming the most popular and insightful amateur golf database in the game today.

A fresh perspective

Our newly designed website offers an outstanding design showcasing a number of new features implemented to enhance amateur golfers’ overall enjoyment of the game. It has embraced the social media revolution by offering golfers a platform on which to add friends and chat directly through the site, bringing golfers from across the country together through one revolutionary community.

The brand-new HowDidiDo app is also now available for download on both Android and iOS Apple devices. Whilst being met by an exceptionally positive reaction, the app also reached number 1 in the sports category of the UK free applications downloads chart.

Join Europe’s largest, most engaging golf community today and become more connected to the beautiful game than ever before.
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