Course Update
1, 2, 3 & 4 Balls
Members can now play up to 4 balls with visitors/guests if required.
Please adhere to the following instructions to keep safe.

*Please Note*
On arrival to the car park, please only arrive 15 minutes before your tee time.

Walk to the first tee 5 minutes before your pre-booked tee time and only approach if the game before you is going down the fairway or the green is clear.
The 1st tee area is very tight for space and we do not want members congregating near the 1st tee.

The public will be using the walkway near the 1st tee and will add to the problem.

Social distancing is in force and you must keep your 2 metre distance from other players, public and the starter at ALL times.

The club have installed Putt Buddy's on all the holes, this device enables players to retrieve their golf ball from the hole without using your hand. (please make sure you use the device as instructed to asist with Covid-19 proceedures)

After your game, please leave the car park as soon as possible. (Do Not Congregate)

It is great that we can now play 4 balls, but please take great care. We do not want ANY complaints about breaking the distancing rules.

The committee will be meeting on June 8th to discuss how the first week of 4 balls has been adhered to. Please keep Safe- Stay Alert - Protect the Course - Repair Pitch Marks

Enjoy your golf

The Committee
Carholme Golf Club