Club Rules
The following rules were originally published in the 2011 NBGC Yearbook. They have been slightly revised to account for changes to the club since they were written but are still a usual reference for members new and old.

On The Course:
* Please mind your language
* No jeans or football tops
* No alcohol
* All competitions over Darley, Lochgreen and Belleisle will be played off the white tees unless otherwise stated by The Committee
* As a member of the NB Parkstone Golf Club you are representing the club on the course and in the clubhouse. Therefore it is important that your conduct reflects this.

* This must be read. A copy will be available on HDID.

Week Long Fixtures:
* Please note that the first 4 and last 4 competitions on the fixture list will be played over a week. White markers are to be used.

Handicap Allowance 1st and 2nd Class Club Championship:
* Class 1 will be 1-12
* Class 2 will be 13+
* A players handicap at the time of the first Club Championship qualifier will determine which category they will be entered into.

Notice Board:
* Available on HDID. Members are asked to check regularly for updates.

Sweep Money:
* £2 per player, to be placed into the club letter box in the Parkstone hotel in a marked envelope. (Week long medals £1 per player)

Many thanks,

The Committee