Club Constitution
Club Constitution 19-03-2024
Society Constitution - Last Updated 2024-03-19
1. The club shall be called " The North Beach Golf Club".

2. The object of the club is to promote the game of golf in all it's aspects.

3. The club shall consist of Honorary and Ordinary members.

4. Persons of rank or distinction and benefactors of the club shall be admitted as honorary members.
Such members will rest with the Committee of Management, who may, however refer the question of membership to the determination of a special General Meeting.

5. The number of Ordinary members shall be limited to 50.

6. The Committee shall not proceed to the election of any candidate until he has attained the age of 18.

7. The names and addresses of persons proposed and seconded as Ordinary members of the club shall be displayed on the club noticeboard, for at least one week before the election, and an interval of not less than two weeks shall elapse between nomination and election of members.

8. The admission of a member shall be notified to him by the Secretary, who shall furnish him with a copy of the rules of the club and request him to pay the amount of his first year's subscription and entry money, and no member duly elected shall participate in any advantages or privileges of the club until he has paid the subscription and entry money. Failing to do so, within one month from the day of his election, and after notice in writing has been given to his proposer and seconder, the election shall be void.

9. Ordinary members shall pay an Annual Subscription Fee. A portion or all of this fee is payable on or before the 31st March as fixed by the A.G.M. Any remaining balance of the fee will be payable by April 30th. New members will pay an entrance fee laid down by the same A.G.M.

10. Any member failing to pay the minimum portion of his subscription fees on or before the 31st March shall have his name removed from the club register.

11. No member shall be allowed to be present at any Special General Meeting or to compete for any prizes or in any competitions, until all arrears due by him are paid in full.

12. If a member has left the district or resigned after paying his dues to the club wishes to re-join the club, the Committee shall have the power to reinstate him on payment of his subscription for the current year.

13. A member absent from the United Kingdom, on giving notice to the Secretary shall not be held liable for Annual Subscription during his absence, but must pay the subscription for the year during or any part of which he may have been in the United Kingdom.

14. The Committee of Management shall have the power on a vote by a majority of its Membership to suspend any member whose conduct either in or out of the club appears to them to be injurious to the character of the club, or the interest of the club, or in the defiance of any of its Rules, Regulations, Bylaws and Rules of Golf. Any member who acts in defiance of the above rules shall have his right to appeal his case in front of the Committee of Management. Any member who has been suspended for any breach of Club Rules shall not hold office in the club for a period of three years of his suspension.

15. Any member wishing to resign shall intimate his resignation to the Secretary or Treasurer in writing, and unless such intimation be given on or before the 31st March, such member shall be liable for his subscription for the following year.

16. The Management of the Club shall be vested in a Committee of Management consisting of a Captain, Vice-Captain, Secretary, Treasurer and Match Secretary and any Members of the Committee (excluding office bearers) to be elected at the A.G.M (4 members to form a Quorum)

17. The Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected at the A.G.M. and hold office for a period of three years, but they will be eligible for re-election. The retiring Captain shall automatically be returned to the Committee as a member, for a period of one year.

18. All members of the Committee shall be elected at the A.G.M.

19. The Committee shall if proper, fill vacancies occurring during the year in the Committee. Persons appointed shall hold that office for one year.

20. The Committee shall meet monthly or as often as possible, and shall, if proper, conduct the affairs of the club, to make Rules, Regulations, Bylaws which will be binding on every member of the club, or until altered or rescinded by them or the club.

21. The Committee shall appoint all Sub-Committee and Conveners; they may also appoint any member to any Sub-Committee for any special purpose. The Captain, Vice-Captain and Secretary will be ex-officio member of any Sub-Committee.

22. At all meetings of the club or Committee Meetings, the Captain shall, or in his absence the Vice-Captain, take the chair, and failing both of these the meeting shall elect a Chairman.

23. The Chairman at all meetings of the club, Committee or Sub-Committee shall have a deliberative, and in the case of equality, a casting vote.

24. The Secretary and treasurer shall keep full and correct minutes of the meetings of the club, receive and disperse all monies due to and by the club, and be responsible for the safe and proper keeping of all club books and generally carry out the instructions given by the committee.

25. The financial year shall end on the 31st of December of every year, an independent auditor appointed by the committee shall immediately thereafter duly audit accounts , and all monies to be placed on deposit, receipt placed in the name of the club.

26. All monies received should be placed in a bank or building society, which the committee will select.

27. The A.G.M of the club shall be held on a date fixed by the committee following the end of the financial year when an audited statement of the clubs accounts, and a balance sheet shall be filled by elections , and other competent business transacted.

28. Nominations and Resolutions for the A.G.M should be lodged in writing to the Secretary at least 21 days before the meeting.

29. The committee may convene a special meeting whenever they deem necessary and will be bound to call a special meeting if they receive a requisition from at least 6 members within 28 days, stating the matter to be discussed. Failure to do so allows the members to call a meeting themselves.

30. All complaints or suggestions must be made in writing to the Secretary and such complaints or suggestions will be submitted to the Committee for consideration at the first meeting and dealt with such they consider expedient.

31. All actions and proceedings of any description at the instance of the club, in any court of law shall be instituted or raised either in the name of the club or in its name, along with any 3 members of the Committee.

32. The rules of the green shall, as far as possible, be the rules of the game of golf as these may, from time to time be adopted by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, together with such local rules as shall be prescribed by the Committee.

33. Every member submits himself to the Constitution of the club in all respects in the same was as if he had subscribed his name thereto and only on these terms is he entitled to the rights and privileges of the club. Every member of the club must procure a copy of the rules and constitution, but no member shall be allowed to plead that they are not binding on him on the ground that he had not received a copy of them.

34. No alteration to the Rules or Constitution except at the A.G.M. or at a Special Meeting called for such that purpose, and a notice posted calling such alteration or alterations to be made, but no such alterations shall be effective unless the alteration has been approved by at least two thirds of the majority of those present and voting in such meeting.

35. Any member wishing to serve on the Committee must be a member of the club for at least 2 years.

36. The club championship (both classes) shall be decided over 36 holes.

37. Any member wishing to compete in Open Competitions must pay the entry fee when their name is submitted.

38. All members will be required to return a minimum of 6 competition cards. Failure to do so will result in loss of membership