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Around £1,000,000-worth of exclusive BOSS Watches will be up for grabs in 2013 as the luxury brand launches a new hole-in-one prize for golfers who record the elusive ace in club competitions.

And to commemorate the momentous occasion, BOSS Watches has manufactured a specially commissioned, limited-edition timepiece for each golfer lucky enough – or skilful enough – to record a verified hole-in-one in a qualifying competition.

Winners will also receive membership of the exclusive BOSS Watches H1 Club, launched in association with The Telegraph and HowDidiDo, Europe’s largest golfing community, with access to exclusive benefits and H1 Club merchandise. 

Around 1,800 UK golf clubs currently use HowDidiDo – a web-based social network for golfers – and anybody playing in official club competitions at one of these clubs will be eligible. And, with nearly 4,000 official holes-in-one recorded in 2012, golfers have plenty of opportunities to cash-in. 

Stephen Brydon, UK sales and marketing director for MGS Distribution, the official licenced UK distributor for BOSS Watches, explained: “To the majority of amateur golfers, recording a hole-in-one will be the most memorable thing they achieve in golf – yet all many have to show for it is a dent in their bank balance after buying a round of drinks in the clubhouse. “We aim to make it a lot more memorable for them by presenting them with an exclusive BOSS watch, available only to golfers who record a hole-in-one. It will provide a constant reminder of the sight of their ball popping into the hole and the emotions attached to that very moment. “It also adds a frisson of extra excitement to club competitions for golfers who may not be in with a chance of winning the event, for they know that every time they stand on the tee on a par-three, they are just one shot away from winning a stunning timepiece.” No registration is required to participate in the promotion as all official club competitions are recorded on the HowDidiDo system, so holes-in-one will be noted and automatically ratified by the golfer’s club. 

The BOSS Watches H1 Club launches for aces recorded from April 15, 2013.  


·         Actuaries at companies which insure against holes-in-one, known as prize indemnification, have calculated the chance of an average amateur golfer making a hole-in-one at approximately 12,500 to 1. Yet nearly 4,000 aces were recorded in the UK during 2011... 

·         The odds of a professional golfer making a hole-in-one on a par-three are around 2,500 to 1.
·         The chance of a golfer making aces on consecutive par-three holes has been quoted at 156,250,000 to 1. Don’t get your hopes up – the chances of winning the National Lottery are better at a mere one in 14 million! 
·         The oldest golfer known to have made a hole-in-one is 102-year-old Elsie McLean, who holed out with a driver on the 100-yard fourth hole at Bidwell Park, in Chico, California, in 2007. ·         In July 2012, two amateur golfers defied odds of 17 million to 1 by scoring holes-in-one on the same hole while playing in the same foursome, at the Portland Country Club, Maine. 

For more information visit the H1 Club site here

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